Adderall Headaches

Are you or a loved one suffering from adderall headaches? Adderall is a medication that is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. While it is quite effective in treating these disorders, there are also various side effects including and adderall headaches.What can be done to treat adderall headaches? First of all, consult your doctor. He can advise you if you need to reduce your dosage of adderall. It may even be necessary to change medications. Each person’s situation is different so that’s why it is so important to contact your doctor.
What are some general suggestions for combating adderall headaches? For one thing, make sure to get adequate rest. Adequate rest includes quality sleep on a regular schedule. Drink enough fluids so that you do not become dehydrated. Avoid caffeine and eat a healthy diet. Many of these suggestions may be considered common sense but in the case of adderall headaches, this advice can really help.

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